Friday, July 15, 2011

Reconnected! And a Friday Fill-In

Hey everyone!  Thanks for sticking with me.  I am finally reconnected with the Internet, and although we don't have all of our furniture yet, we are getting fairly settled in (finally!).  I am really loving the area so far, as well as our place, and have lots of news to share.  This time, though, I am just going to participate in Wife of a Sailor's Friday Fill-In, and will update you guys soon.  Here we go!

1.  If you could have a private concert with any singer, who would it be?  submitted by An Air Force Wife’s Blog

That one is easy.  Josh Groban!  I think he is ultra talented, and cute in a quirky, guy next door kind of way, and I know he could give one hell of a show without any of the theatrics that most musicians have to rely on.

2.  Is there anything that you do to supplement your family's income? submitted by Our Life, One Adventure at a Time

Well, up until we moved here to Germany, I worked full time for the Department of the Army.  I hope to continue my career here, but since we are at an Air Force Base, it is proving to be rather difficult.  I am applying for jobs like crazy, though, so fingers crossed!

3.  During your pregnancy (whether past, present, or future) what did you nickname your unborn baby before you knew the sex? submitted by Explosions of Love
Well, I don't have any kids, and am not currently pregnant, so I have no idea.

4.  Have you ever won a blog giveaway?  If so, what did you win?  submitted by Mrs. O’s Life

Nope.  I have the worst luck winning things!

5.  If I looked into your refrigerator right now, what would I find?  submitted by Married to the Army

Since we just recently moved, you'd pretty much just find the basics.  We have some meals that we have bought, hamburger meat, fish, etc., but nothing too exciting or specific.  You would always find a bottle of my favorite wine, though!


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Congratulations on your new PCS!

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hi new follower from the blog hop
love it if you came to visit me in the uk