Friday, January 14, 2011

I've got...two tickets to Paradise!

No, seriously.  I do.  I am leaving for my dream honeymoon tomorrow!  So, sorry in advance for the lack of posting for a week, but I hope you stick with me, because I think that the pictures will be worth it!

We are going to the Maldives.  If you have no idea where this is, please google it.  It is amazingly beautiful, at least in pictures.  Think "Couples Retreat."

What makes it more paradise than the scenery is that for a whole week, I will not have to set an alarm, or in fact even look at my watch.  I have no phone calls that I have to wait for, or errands that need run.  I will have no papers due or finals to study for.  For one whole week, all I will need to worry about is being with my husband on our private bungalow on the beach.  Nothing else will matter.  And to me, THAT is paradise!

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hmb said...

I will have that song in my head all day! Enjoy your trip!