Friday, July 9, 2010


I am back from Scotland! It was an amazing trip! We went to Edinburgh, Stirling, and North Berwick. Definitely in my top five, especially as a History major. So much to see and do. I have lots of pictures, but not yet the time to update. So, here are a few teaser pics.

Stirling Castle

Edinburgh Castle


We are leaving after work tonight to head off to an amazing opportunity. My job funded a trip for me to go to Hamburg to stay in a government center for a week and learn all about the German government. Awesome, right? And Joel gets to tag along with me! I am very excited for this opportunity. And, of course, we are going to try and see the sights when we aren't in conferences. So, I promise I will do a better update on Scotland AND do one on Hamburg. I love this blog, and hate when life gets in the way sometimes.

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Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Beautiful pictures. TLS and I wanted to go to Scotland while he was stationed in Germany but we could never make that happen. I really regret that. Enjoy Hamburg.