Sunday, November 17, 2013

You know you want it....a way too late Halloween post.

I'm going to make this quick, but I couldn't not share.  I'm sick as all get out (cough, sore throat, the whole shebang), I just took a four hour exam, and I have a ton of school work to do in the next three weeks before that fateful day comes when I finally get to say "au revoir" to grad school.  Thanks for sticking with me, by the way.  I'll be back to normal blogging shortly.

Anyways, for Halloween, a good friend had a banging karaoke party like she's had in the past, and Joel and I knew we couldn't resist.  She had a costume party, and I love making homemade costumes.  Want to know what we went as?  Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.  Probably not how you expected, though...

Joel, as Miley

Me, as Robin

The Duo in action

Even the pugs got in on some costume action!


Jen said...

Your costumes are amazing! Best ones I have seen this year.

Katiellirb said...

How did the test go?! Hope you're feeling better soon, and of course - you rocked the costumes! :)

Miranda Pridgeon said...