Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Christmas markets are one of my favorite wintery things about Europe.  That means a lot, because I hate winter, the cold, the get my point.  But, I will get all bundled up in my long johns and sweaters and brave the elements for that wonderful feeling of hot gluhwein and other yummy treats.  What is gluhwein, you may ask?  Only the best spiced (mulled) wine that is heated up and does just the trick to melt that chilly feeling away.  Most of the major cities have them for about a month, and the local villages for about a weekend.  Our local village of Ramstein-Miesenbach held theirs last weekend, and we decided to visit.  There are many more to come!  I always hit up the Kaiserslautern one, just for tradition, and this year are venturing out to a few new ones.  I will post them later, but for now here are a few teaser pics from our local one.  Expect the others to be bigger and better!


Amanda said...

Ack! That was our village when we were there. (The boots were burgundy last year! lol) You were less than a quarter mile from our old house in these photos!

If you get the chance to go (not sure if they would have done it already this year) the one at Lichtenburg castle in Kusel was probably our favorite. It's really small, but it was so much fun!

Thanks for the little flashback! How fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I *love* Gluhwein! I am not a fan of anything below 60 degrees, but I'll deal with it if it means I'm getting gluhwein or kinderwein :D You should really visit the Nurnberg Christmas Market, it is absoluetly GORGEOUS!

Dogs.Dogtags and Stilettos said...

I love Christmas Markets, we always try to do at least one every weekend from Thanksgiving until the 24th! Our favorites so far are Nurnberg, Wurzberg, and Rothenburg :) Happy Marketing!