Monday, April 19, 2010

Two weeks and a day!

The time is almost here! The wedding is just a few weeks away. And my vacation starts right before that! Even more good news! Things are starting to come together. I found the place where we are eating after the wedding. It is called It is right on the riverfront in Jeffersonville, and the menu looks excellent! I think everyone will enjoy it. I also found how I am going to do my hair. I won't post the pictures here in case Joel looks, but I am definitely giving in to his wants on my hair. I want it up and he wants it down. He said that as far as things go, that's really his only request, and he gave me that puppy dog look when he said it. So, down it will be. I hope he's happy!!! He makes me happy, so I suppose I can concede this request.

I am going to most likely be buying my dress right when I get there. I am scared of this process, but I found a great place that is willing to work with my last minute timeline. So I will be keeping my fingers crossed. I just hope everything else falls into place. As long as Joel and I get married, I am not sweating too much else.

Because Joel couldn't get my wedding ring shipped to Germany, he had it shipped to his parents in the states. He was there for a few days before his school started, so he has it in his possession. And he took this teaser picture! It was good to see him, and the ring looked beautiful. But, it will look more beautiful upon my finger!!!

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